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Air pump + Bag Oscilloscope Method Blood Pressure Measurement Watch Working Principle?


The working principle of the blood pressure measurement watch using an air pump and an airbag oscilloscope method is as follows:
  1. First, the air pump in the watch will inject gas (usually air) into the airbag in the cuff.
  2. Next, the airbag will inflate in the cuff, causing the cuff to fit snugly on the wrist or upper arm.
  3. As the airbag gradually inflates, the pressure in the cuff gradually increases, ultimately stopping the arterial blood flow in the wrist or upper arm.
  4. During this time, the pressure sensor in the watch will sense the pressure changes in the airbag and convert it into a digital signal.
  5. Then, the watch will use its built-in algorithm to calculate the blood pressure value and display the result on the watch screen.
  6. Finally, the air pump will release the gas, the airbag will gradually deflate, and the cuff will gradually loosen, allowing arterial blood flow to resume.

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