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ET450 ECG Monitoring Bluetooth Call Uric Acid Lipid Monitoring Smart Watch Supports Spot Wholesale And OEM Customization

Explore the incredible features of the ET450 smartwatch including testing urine acid, blood lipids, body fat, ECG, Bluetooth calling, blood sugar monitoring, HRV, AI diagnosis,…

Display Screen:1.39-inch high-resolution 360*360 screen
Battery Capacity:260mAh
Standby time:5 - 7 Days
Charge Mode:Magnetic suction charging
Connection Type: BlueTooth 5.3
System CompatibilityAndroid / iOS
Helth Moniting

Sleep monitoring / Heart rate / Blood pressure / Body temperature / Sedentary reminder / Blood oxygen monitoring

customable parts


Logo:Laser / Silk Pirnt Logo Any Position

Package:Add your style into package

Straps:Metal / leather / Silicone / TPU

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Smart watches OEM & ODM Details and it's MOQ

Each kind of the smart watches was custom, the follows are the customable datail baae on oreder Qty.

MOQ: 1000 units

Logo laser printing on the buckle

Logo laser label on the watch box

OEM packaging with your brand

Marketing material support

After-sales support

Other custom requirements to be discussed

MOQ: 3000 units

Customized watch dial

Customized logo design

Additional language support

Customization of dial and strap colors

Customization of smartwatch applications

Open SDK for smartwatch software

MOQ: 10000 units

Customized interface design

Customized watch dial

Customized icons

Open SDK for smartwatch software

Customization of dial and strap colors

ODM new ID design

                                                                                                  Revolutionizintegratedg fitness with ET450 Smartwatch

Introducintegratedg the cutting-edge ET450 smartwatch, a revolutionary tool that mixes health tracking with smart functions. This built-innovative smartwatch offers quite a number functionalities that cater to various elements of fitness and well-bebuiltintegrated, makbuilt-ing it a must-have for builtintegrated seekbuiltintegrated take manipulate of theirintegrated properly-bebuilt-ing.

checking out Urbuilt-ine Acid, Blood Lipids, frame fats, ECG capability

The ET450 smartwatch is prepared with advanced sensors that allow customers to comfortably test urbuilt-ine acid degrees, blood lipids, frame fat percent, and even carry out ECG readbuilt-ings at the go. these capabilities offer treasured integratedsights integratedto universal health and help customers track their development builtintegrated fitness goals.

Bluetooth Callintegratedg and Blood Sugar tracking

With 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 Bluetooth callintegratedg abilities, the ET450 smartwatch ensures that users can live linked while not havbuiltintegrated to reach for their telephones. additionally, the device gives seamless blood sugar monitoring, built-in built-individualsintegrated with diabetes to easily built-intabuiltintegrated music built-in their glucose ranges.

HRV functionality and AI scientific diagnosis

The ET450 smartwatch additionally integrated HRV (coronary heart fee Variability) functionality, which provides integratedsights built-into strabuiltintegrated degrees and overall coronary heart fitness. furthermore, the device makes use of AI era for medical prognosis, built-ing customers customized fitness pobuiltintegrated primarily based on collected facts.

women's fitness functions

Caterintegratedg to the precise wishes of women, the ET450 smartwatch built-inbuiltintegrated functions focused on women's health, built-ing of menstrual cycle monitoring, fertility tracking, and rembuilt-inders for critical health screenintegratedgs. This ensures that women can control their health efficiently and proactively.


The ET450 smartwatch is a sport-changer built-in builtintegrated of fitness and built-ingintegrated generation. With its comprehensive health monitoring abilities, clever features, and awareness on girls's fitness, this smartwatch empowers customers to take fee builtintegrated properly-bebuilt-ing like built-in no way before. builtintegrated the futureintegrated of fitness with the ET450 smartwatch!