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GS3 Max Bluetooth Call Capability Watch Support OEM Customization

Advanced features of the GS3 MAX smart bracelet. It is designed to improve your daily life

Display Screen:1.35inch-HD Round Screen
Battery Capacity:260mAH
Standby time:5 - 7 Days
Charge Mode:Wireless charging
Connection Type: BlueTooth 5.3
System CompatibilityAndroid / iOS
Helth Moniting

Sleep monitoring / Heart rate / Blood pressure / Body temperature / Sedentary reminder / Blood oxygen monitoring

customable parts


Logo:Laser / Silk Pirnt Logo Any Position

Package:Add your style into package

Straps:Metal / leather / Silicone / TPU

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Smart watches OEM & ODM Details and it's MOQ

Each kind of the smart watches was custom, the follows are the customable datail baae on oreder Qty.

MOQ: 1000 units

Logo laser printing on the buckle

Logo laser label on the watch box

OEM packaging with your brand

Marketing material support

After-sales support

Other custom requirements to be discussed

MOQ: 3000 units

Customized watch dial

Customized logo design

Additional language support

Customization of dial and strap colors

Customization of smartwatch applications

Open SDK for smartwatch software

MOQ: 10000 units

Customized interface design

Customized watch dial

Customized icons

Open SDK for smartwatch software

Customization of dial and strap colors

ODM new ID design

GS3 MAX Function Parameters: Meet Your Smart Bracelet Needs

GS3 MAX is a powerful smart bracelet that offers a wide range of practical features to meet your various needs. Here are the main function parameters of GS3 MAX.

  • Watch Face Market: GS3 MAX provides a diverse selection of watch faces, allowing you to customize the appearance of your bracelet. You can choose a style that suits your preferences from the watch face market.

  • Smart Split Screen Display: GS3 MAX's intelligent split screen function allows you to view your information on the bracelet's screen, keeping you updated with the latest notifications and messages without having to take out your phone.

  • Screen Off Time Setting: GS3 MAX supports customizable screen off time, allowing you to adjust the screen's dimming time according to your usage habits and save battery power.

  • 3D Dynamic Watch Faces: GS3 MAX offers exquisite 3D dynamic watch faces, adding more style and personalization to your bracelet.

  • Scan to Connect: GS3 MAX supports scan-to-connect functionality, making it convenient and quick to connect and sync data with other devices.

  • Bracelet Language Switching: GS3 MAX supports language switching for different regions, allowing you to easily use the bracelet in different language environments.

  • Customizable Components: GS3 MAX provides the ability to customize components, allowing you to freely choose and adjust the information displayed on the bracelet according to your personal preferences.

  • Voice Calls: GS3 MAX has voice call functionality, allowing you to make calls through the bracelet without using your phone.

  • Alipay Offline Payment: GS3 MAX is equipped with a full-featured NFC chip, supporting Alipay offline payment, making your shopping experience more convenient.

  • Health Positioning: GS3 MAX can record your exercise trajectory and health data, providing accurate health positioning and exercise statistics.

  • Step Counting, Distance, and Sports Modes: GS3 MAX accurately records your steps, walking distance, and offers multiple sports modes to meet your exercise needs.

  • Raise-to-Wake Screen: GS3 MAX supports raise-to-wake screen functionality, simply raise your wrist to activate the bracelet's screen, making it easy to check the time and information.

  • Sleep Monitoring: GS3 MAX can monitor your sleep quality, helping you understand your sleep patterns and improve your sleep habits.

  • Call and Message Notifications: GS3 MAX provides real-time reminders for incoming calls and messages, ensuring you never miss any important notifications.

  • Message Notifications: GS3 MAX provides real-time reminders for incoming calls and messages, ensuring you never miss any important notifications.

  • Sedentary Reminders: GS3 MAX offers sedentary reminders to prompt you to take breaks and engage in physical activity, helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Alarm Reminders and Stopwatch: GS3 MAX has built-in alarm reminders and a stopwatch function, making your daily life more convenient.

  • Find Bracelet: GS3 MAX supports bracelet location functionality. If you accidentally misplace your bracelet, you can quickly locate its position through the app.

  • Watch Face Switching: GS3 MAX allows you to easily switch between different watch faces to suit your style and mood.

  • Brightness Adjustment and Weather: GS3 MAX provides brightness adjustment for optimal visibility and displays real-time weather information.

  • Discover the advanced capabilities of the GS3 MAX smart bracelet. With its extensive features and customizable options, it's designed to enhance your daily life and keep you connected while prioritizing your health and well-being.