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HK43 Women’s Smartwatch Supports OEM&ODM

HK43 1.32-Inch Smartwatch: Unleashing the Power of Connectivity and Wellness

Display Screen:1.32inch
Battery Capacity:260mAh
Standby time:5 - 7 Days
Charge Mode:Wireless Charging
Connection Type: BlueTooth 5.3
System CompatibilityAndroid / iOS
Helth Moniting

Sleep monitoring / Heart rate / Blood pressure / Body temperature / Sedentary reminder / Blood oxygen monitoring

customable parts


Logo:Laser / Silk Pirnt Logo Any Position

Package:Add your style into package

Straps:Metal / leather / Silicone / TPU

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Smart watches OEM & ODM Details and it's MOQ

Each kind of the smart watches was custom, the follows are the customable datail baae on oreder Qty.

MOQ: 1000 units

Logo laser printing on the buckle

Logo laser label on the watch box

OEM packaging with your brand

Marketing material support

After-sales support

Other custom requirements to be discussed

MOQ: 3000 units

Customized watch dial

Customized logo design

Additional language support

Customization of dial and strap colors

Customization of smartwatch applications

Open SDK for smartwatch software

MOQ: 10000 units

Customized interface design

Customized watch dial

Customized icons

Open SDK for smartwatch software

Customization of dial and strap colors

ODM new ID design

The HK43 1.32-inch smartwatch is an innovative wearable device that seamlessly integrates advanced features and cutting-edge technology to enhance your daily life. With its comprehensive range of functionalities including Bluetooth calling, voice control, continuous display, offline Alipay payments, NFC capabilities, password unlocking, women's physiological cycle tracking, customizable watch faces, weather forecasting, music control, step tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, sedentary reminders, mileage tracking, blood oxygen level monitoring, blood pressure measurement, search functionality, calorie tracking, and message notifications, the HK43 smartwatch has revolutionized the way we stay connected and prioritize our well-being.

Bluetooth Calling and Voice Control:
The HK43 smartwatch allows you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist. With its seamless Bluetooth connectivity, you can stay connected without the hassle of reaching for your phone. Additionally, the built-in voice control feature enables convenient hands-free operation, giving you the freedom to navigate through various functionalities effortlessly.

Continuous Display and Alipay Offline Payments:
With the HK43 smartwatch, the display remains constantly active, eliminating the need to manually wake up the screen. This ensures that you can quickly access essential information at a glance, whether it's checking the time, viewing notifications, or monitoring your fitness metrics. Furthermore, the Alipay offline payment feature provides a secure and convenient way to make transactions even when you don't have your phone or an internet connection available.

NFC and Password Unlocking:
Equipped with NFC technology, the HK43 smartwatch enables seamless contactless payments and transactions. Whether you're making purchases or accessing public transportation, the NFC feature ensures a hassle-free experience. Additionally, the password unlocking functionality adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that your data and personal information are protected.

Women's Physiological Cycle Tracking:
The HK43 smartwatch recognizes the importance of women's health and offers a dedicated feature for tracking the physiological cycle. By providing valuable insights and predictions, it empowers women to stay informed about their bodies and plan their activities accordingly.

Customizable Watch Faces and Weather Forecasting:
Personalize your HK43 smartwatch with a wide selection of customizable watch faces, allowing you to express your style and preferences. Stay updated with real-time weather forecasts, ensuring that you're always prepared for the day ahead.

Fitness and Health Tracking:
The HK43 smartwatch serves as your dedicated fitness companion, offering a range of health tracking capabilities. Keep track of your steps, monitor your heart rate, analyze your sleep patterns, receive sedentary reminders, and measure blood oxygen levels and blood pressure. By prioritizing your well-being, this smartwatch encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.

Search Functionality, Calorie Tracking, and Message Notifications:
The HK43 smartwatch provides convenient search functionality, allowing you to quickly find information without reaching for your phone. Stay motivated and track your calorie burn during workouts and daily activities. Receive notifications for messages, ensuring that you're always connected and updated on the go.

FitCloudPro App:
To unlock the full potential of the HK43 smartwatch, simply download the FitCloudPro app. This user-friendly application provides seamless integration with your smartwatch, allowing you to customize settings, track your fitness progress, and access additional features and functionalities.

The HK43 1.32-inch smartwatch represents the pinnacle of wearable technology, combining advanced connectivity features with comprehensive health tracking capabilities. With its sleek design, extensive functionalities, and seamless integration with the FitCloudPro app, the HK43 smartwatch empowers users to stay connected, prioritize their well-being, and embrace a healthier and more efficient lifestyle. Experience the future of smartwatches with the HK43 and unlock a world of