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How To Realize Waterproof Swimming Phone Watch


Modern waterproof smartwatches now offer the capability to make calls, provide location tracking, and even SOS assistance by inserting a SIM card. This is highly advantageous for parents who wish to stay informed about their children’s activities in real-time. Achieving an IPX7 waterproof rating, which offers protection against sweat and splashes, has become quite commonplace. In addition to IPX7 waterproofing, some smartwatches are designed for swimming, reaching IPX8 standards. Furthermore, there are models that boast a remarkable 50-meter (5ATM) water resistance, making it unnecessary to remove the watch while washing hands or face, and allowing for swimming activities. But how is this swim-grade waterproofing achieved?

For those smartwatches with IPX8 or 50-meter water resistance, ensuring reliable waterproof performance involves multiple components. Starting with the structural module, it typically entails adhesive bonding and fitting between the screen lens and the watch’s middle frame. Additionally, sealing rings and sealants are employed around the watch’s buttons. The absence of sound transmission holes at this stage is crucial for achieving waterproofing. However, since these watches also support calling functionality, sound transmission holes need to be present to enable two-way communication. Waterproofing these sound transmission holes is accomplished using waterproof membranes. This is where the waterproofing process enters the realm of electroacoustic components.

Waterproof membranes, also known as waterproof sound transmission membranes, are essential for swim-grade waterproof smartwatches. These membranes are designed to provide excellent waterproofing while maintaining a certain level of breathability, allowing sound to pass through during communication.

In summary, achieving swim-grade waterproofing in smartwatches with IPX8 or 50-meter water resistance requires a multi-faceted approach, starting with the structural module and then focusing on waterproofing sound transmission components. The use of waterproof membranes in these watches ensures both water resistance and audio functionality.


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