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M7 Fashion Smart Watch Neutral Support Spot Wholesale OEM Customization

M7 Smartwatch: Your Ultimate Health and Fitness Companion

Display Screen:1.22-inch full HD IPS color circle
Battery Capacity:170mAh,Lithium polymer battery
Standby time:5 - 7 Days
Charge Mode:Magnetic attraction charging
Connection Type: BlueTooth 5.3
System CompatibilityAndroid / iOS
Helth Moniting

Sleep monitoring / Heart rate / Blood pressure / Body temperature / Sedentary reminder / Blood oxygen monitoring

customable parts


Logo:Laser / Silk Pirnt Logo Any Position

Package:Add your style into package

Straps:Metal / leather / Silicone / TPU

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Smart watches OEM & ODM Details and it's MOQ

Each kind of the smart watches was custom, the follows are the customable datail baae on oreder Qty.

MOQ: 1000 units

Logo laser printing on the buckle

Logo laser label on the watch box

OEM packaging with your brand

Marketing material support

After-sales support

Other custom requirements to be discussed

MOQ: 3000 units

Customized watch dial

Customized logo design

Additional language support

Customization of dial and strap colors

Customization of smartwatch applications

Open SDK for smartwatch software

MOQ: 10000 units

Customized interface design

Customized watch dial

Customized icons

Open SDK for smartwatch software

Customization of dial and strap colors

ODM new ID design

Introduction: The M7 Smartwatch is a cutting-edge wearable device that packs a plethora of features to keep you on top of your health and fitness goals. With its 1.22-inch high-definition IPS color screen boasting a resolution of 240*240, this sleek smartwatch offers a delightful visual experience. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a health-conscious individual, or simply someone looking to enhance their daily life, the M7 Smartwatch has got you covered.

24/7 Health Monitoring: Stay in tune with your body's vital signs with the M7 Smartwatch's continuous heart rate monitoring, blood pressure tracking, and blood oxygen level detection. This comprehensive health monitoring ensures that you are always aware of your overall well-being and can take necessary actions promptly.

Comprehensive Sleep Analysis: The M7 Smartwatch doesn't just monitor your daytime activities, but also keeps track of your sleep patterns. It provides insights into your deep sleep, light sleep, and overall sleep quality, enabling you to make lifestyle adjustments to improve your rest and overall health.

Diverse Sports Modes: Whether you're a runner, cyclist, swimmer, basketball player, or someone who enjoys various sports, the M7 Smartwatch has dedicated sports modes for walking, running, cycling, skipping rope, playing badminton, basketball, soccer, and swimming. These modes help you accurately track your performance and progress in each activity.

Music Control and More: With the M7 Smartwatch, you can conveniently control your music playback. Easily skip tracks, play, or pause your favorite tunes right from your wrist. Additionally, the smartwatch provides time and clock display, step count, calorie burn tracking, distance covered, and even GPS running for outdoor exercise enthusiasts.

Stay Connected: Never miss an important notification again, as the M7 Smartwatch ensures you're always connected. Receive call alerts, text message notifications, as well as updates from popular apps like QQ, WeChat, and more. You can even manage your alarm clock, stopwatch, and receive sedentary and goal achievement reminders.

Female Health Tracking: The M7 Smartwatch goes the extra mile by offering female users the ability to track their menstrual cycles. This feature provides valuable insights into their reproductive health and helps plan daily activities accordingly.

Stylish and Durable Design: Crafted with a zinc alloy (plastic) case and a comfortable TPU strap, the M7 Smartwatch blends style with durability. Its modern design ensures that it complements any outfit, whether you're at the gym, in the office, or out for a social gathering.

Conclusion: The M7 Smartwatch is not just a timekeeping device but a powerful health and fitness companion. With its advanced monitoring capabilities, sports modes, music control, and seamless connectivity features, it empowers you to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. Embrace the future of smart wearable technology with the M7 Smartwatch and experience the true potential of staying connected and fit in a single, stylish package.