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MV55B Multi-function Sports martwatch upports Both Wholesale And OEM

MV55 Smartwatch - Your Ultimate Health and Communication Companion

Display Screen:1.28inch Full Round
Battery Capacity:180ma/h
Standby time:5 - 7 Days
Charge Mode:Magnet
Connection Type: BlueTooth 5.3
System CompatibilityAndroid / iOS
Helth Moniting

Sleep monitoring / Heart rate / Blood pressure / Body temperature / Sedentary reminder / Blood oxygen monitoring

customable parts


Logo:Laser / Silk Pirnt Logo Any Position

Package:Add your style into package

Straps:Metal / leather / Silicone / TPU

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Smart watches OEM & ODM Details and it's MOQ

Each kind of the smart watches was custom, the follows are the customable datail baae on oreder Qty.

MOQ: 1000 units

Logo laser printing on the buckle

Logo laser label on the watch box

OEM packaging with your brand

Marketing material support

After-sales support

Other custom requirements to be discussed

MOQ: 3000 units

Customized watch dial

Customized logo design

Additional language support

Customization of dial and strap colors

Customization of smartwatch applications

Open SDK for smartwatch software

MOQ: 10000 units

Customized interface design

Customized watch dial

Customized icons

Open SDK for smartwatch software

Customization of dial and strap colors

ODM new ID design

Introduction: The MV55 is an innovative smartwatch equipped with cutting-edge features designed to enhance your daily life. With seamless Bluetooth voice calling, intuitive dialing, Siri integration, and synchronized contact lists, it revolutionizes the way you communicate. Additionally, it boasts a wide range of health and fitness functions like step tracking, calorie counting, sleep monitoring, and heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level measurement. Let's explore the incredible capabilities of the MV55 smartwatch!

Stay Connected and Productive: Say goodbye to traditional phone calls with the MV55's Bluetooth voice calling feature. Easily make and receive calls directly from your smartwatch, ensuring you never miss an important call while on the go. The convenient dialing pad lets you access contacts effortlessly, making communication a breeze.

Enhanced Siri Integration: Interacting with your smartwatch has never been easier. With Siri compatibility, you can simply use voice commands to make calls, send messages, set reminders, and more. Experience true hands-free convenience with the MV55 smartwatch.

Fitness Tracking for a Healthier Lifestyle: The MV55 is not just a communication device, but also a dedicated fitness companion. It accurately tracks your steps, calories burned, and distance traveled, motivating you to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you're walking, jogging, or cycling, the watch's specialized sports modes cater to your specific workout needs.

Sleep Monitoring and Analysis: Restful sleep is crucial for overall well-being, and the MV55 helps you optimize your sleep patterns. By monitoring your sleep duration and quality, the smartwatch offers valuable insights to improve your sleeping habits, ensuring you wake up refreshed and energized each morning.

Comprehensive Health Monitoring: Stay on top of your health with the MV55's advanced health sensors. Measure your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels anytime, anywhere, empowering you to proactively manage your health.

Never Miss an Important Notification: The MV55 smartwatch keeps you updated and connected with incoming call and message notifications. You'll be alerted promptly, even if your phone is out of reach or silenced.

Promoting an Active Lifestyle: Sedentary reminders are essential for maintaining an active lifestyle. The MV55 periodically reminds you to stretch and move, preventing prolonged sitting and promoting better posture and circulation.

Personalized Alarms and Reminders: Never forget important tasks or appointments with customizable alarms and reminders. The MV55 keeps you on schedule and organized throughout the day.

Additional Features for Added Convenience: The MV55 smartwatch offers a range of additional functionalities, including a shake-to-take-photo feature, a "find my phone" option, hydration reminders to keep you adequately hydrated, a "do not disturb" mode for uninterrupted focus, and even a flashlight function for emergencies.

User-Friendly Design: The MV55's wrist-turn automatic screen activation and easy-to-navigate watch face options make it user-friendly for individuals of all ages.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the MV55 smartwatch is a versatile and feature-rich device that seamlessly integrates communication, health, and convenience in one stylish package. Stay connected, stay healthy, and simplify your life with the MV55. Embrace the future of smart technology and experience the ultimate companion for your everyday adventures.