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OEM watch set advantages and procedures


OEM for Smart Watch Manufacturing OEM, also known as private label smart watch customize, is a process in which importers or brand owners customize smart watches to better suit their brand for selling purposes. Further customization makes the product more unique and competitive, such as custom logos, modified Bluetooth names, UI, watch straps, laser-engraved logos on watch clasps, adding specific languages, and even offering regular updates to the smart watch software to enhance user experience. When the smart watch is turned on, your logo and brand will appear; The product name will be displayed on the smart watch firmware. Customized theme packaging box; The advantage of OEM is that you can save time and investment, as you don’t need to research and design the product, and can immediately launch a unique product in the market. Instead, you can use existing factory products for OEM processing under your brand. This is the most cost-effective and time-saving method. OEM Smart Watch Customization Process: Step 1: Select some samples from the factory’s existing projects for testing. Step 2: Confirm 1 or more SKUs for your OEM smart watch. Step 3: Start OEM smart watch project, such as logos, UI, or packaging boxes. Step 4: Different OEM customization requirements have different minimum order quantities. For specific OEM customization, please contact us. We wish you a prosperous business.


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