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Smart Watch How To Make Phone Calls


With the development of technology, smart wearable devices are becoming increasingly popular. Through the use of smartwatches, people can make and receive calls directly using a walkie-talkie-style method, simplifying phone communication in daily activities like sports, work, and learning. This frees up the hands for other tasks. So, how do you make calls with a smartwatch? Let’s provide a detailed guide on how to make calls using a smartwatch:

Method 1: Directly Inserting a SIM Card

Some smartwatches have a slot beneath the dial where you can open the back cover and insert a mobile SIM card. This allows the smartwatch to operate independently of a smartphone, enabling direct calling using the smartwatch, offering a lot of convenience to users.

When the smartwatch is turned off, follow the instructions on the watch’s card slot to insert a SIM card, with the chip facing upwards. Avoid using old, cut, or adapter-inserted SIM cards whenever possible.

After inserting the SIM card, power on the smartwatch. The watch will automatically register and seamlessly read the phone’s contacts. To make a call using the smartwatch, simply open the contact list and tap the contact you want to call. Different smartwatches may have slightly different interfaces, but as long as you follow the corresponding instructions, you should be able to make calls smoothly.

Method 2: Bluetooth Connection

If your smartwatch doesn’t have a SIM card slot and cannot accommodate a physical SIM card, there’s another method to make calls. This involves using the smartwatch’s built-in Bluetooth functionality to connect with your smartphone. This pairing allows the smartwatch to access and share the smartphone’s contact list, enabling you to make calls directly from the smartwatch without the need for the phone.

Step 1: Bluetooth Connection

On the smartwatch, navigate to [Bluetooth] settings and enable [Bluetooth and Device Discoverability].

On your smartphone, enable Bluetooth, search for the “SmartWatch” device, and click to pair.

The smartwatch will receive and accept the pairing signal.

Step 2: Download and Install the App

On the smartwatch, find the [App Download] section in the app store.

Scan the QR code using your smartphone to download and install the app.

Successfully install the [SmartWatch] app on your smartphone.

Step 3: Sync Smartwatch with Smartphone Services

On your smartphone, go to [SmartWatch 2] – [Service Settings] – [Enable Watch Service], and check [Start Watch Service on Boot] and [Show Icon in Status Bar].

On the smartwatch, go to [Settings] – [Sync Settings] and manually enable this option.

Once the [Connection Status] on the smartwatch shows [Successfully Connected to Watch Data], the synchronization is complete.

Following these steps will enable you to make calls using your smartwatch. Smart technology is an inevitable trend in technological development, and people’s lives will continue to evolve as technology advances.

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