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What is The Principle Of Smart Watch E800 laser Therapy?


The principle behind the intelligent watch’s physical laser-assisted therapy with a 650nm wavelength weak laser involves a three-step process: elimination, peeling, and fragmentation. By utilizing the 650nm wavelength weak laser, targeted areas are exposed to therapeutic light, which effectively addresses various conditions.

Firstly, the laser aids in the elimination of problematic elements within the affected area. It targets specific cells or tissues contributing to discomfort or dysfunction, thus initiating the healing process.

Secondly, the laser facilitates the peeling process, which involves the gentle removal of damaged or dead cells. This step promotes tissue regeneration and rejuvenation, paving the way for healthier cellular growth.

Lastly, the laser contributes to fragmentation, breaking down any remaining debris or obstacles hindering optimal bodily function. This fragmentation process assists in clearing pathways and restoring proper physiological balance.

Moreover, the laser irradiation enhances the activity of red blood cells, leading to several beneficial effects. It stimulates red blood cell activity, resulting in improved blood circulation, metabolic function, and heightened oxygen-carrying capacity. These enhancements synergistically contribute to overall well-being and vitality.

By harnessing the power of precise laser technology, the intelligent watch offers a non-invasive and efficient therapeutic solution. Its ability to target specific areas and optimize physiological processes underscores its effectiveness in promoting healing and enhancing bodily functions. With its multifaceted approach, it represents a cutting-edge advancement in wearable healthcare technology, empowering users to proactively manage their health and well-being.

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